If your environment includes more than one ATG server running workflows, you must take steps to ensure that the servers do not conflict with each other when they attempt to handle the sending and receiving of workflow messages. The configuration process is the same as the process for scenarios: you designate one server as the process editor server and then assign either global or individual workflow editor status to the remaining servers.

Specify the identity of the process editor server in the Workflow Process Manager configuration file, workflowProcessManager.xml. Create a file with the same name in the top-level <ATG10dir>/home/localconfig/atg/epub/workflow/process directory (in other words, in the directory that applies to the whole cluster). The following shows an example of the process editor server setting you would add to this file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>



For detailed information, refer to Configuring the Scenario Manager.

Note that the same server can act as the process editor server for both workflows and scenarios. If you do elect to use the same server for both purposes, specify the same <server-name> setting for the process editor server in the workflowProcessManager.xml file and the scenarioManager.xml file.