As part of adding your custom message, you have to create and configure a message source (using the <message-source> tag in the DMS configuration file), which will be responsible for generating your messages. The <output-port> specifies the destination topic or queue where your message will be placed. For more information, refer to the Dynamo Message System chapter in the ATG Platform Programming Guide.

Both global and individual event messages can be sent to queues or to topics as appropriate. However, global events to which you want the Scenario Manager to listen must be sent to queues.

Typically you make up a new name to go with a new message type that you create. Ours will be called localdms:/local/test/Link.

The following example shows how to configure the LinkMessageSource component to send messages to the destination topic localdms:/local/test/Link. If you are creating a custom global event, and you want to use the Scenario Manager as the message sink for this event, add the code to your extension of the file dynamoMessagingSystemDSSGlobal.xml. If you are creating a custom individual event, or a global event for use by message sinks other than the Scenario Manager, add the code to your extension of the dynamoMessagingSystem.xml file. (See Adding Your Message to the Appropriate DMS Configuration File for more information.)