There are two ways to access a collection filtering component. You can create a scenario that has a Filter Slot Contents action element using your custom filter component. By default, your collection filtering component is visible to Filter Slot Contents as long as it lives in the /atg/registry/CollectionFilters directory.

The other option is to access the custom collection filter in a JSP using a servlet bean. To do this, create a servlet bean that is an instance of atg.service.collections.filter.droplet.CollectionFilter (MembershipFilterDroplet) and implement it in a JSP. By setting MembershipFilterDroplet.filter to /atg/registry/CollectionFilters/MembershipFilter, you make it the default filter so that you need not specify the filter input parameter in your JSP MembershipFilter implementation. Refer to the ATG Platform API Reference for more information about the atg.service.collections.filter.droplet.CollectionFilter class.