As noted above, you can use the ACC to set access rights to scenarios and scenario templates. To see the access control lists (ACLs) that are created through the ACC, look in <ATG10dir>/home/localconfig/registry/data/ and locate the appropriate folder and .sec file (or .tsc file for scenario templates). Open the file to view the ACL.

The following figure shows a sample .sec file for a scenario:


For more information on ACLs, refer to Secured Repositories in the ATG Repository Guide.

Note that you can view only ACL information for Scenarios module features through the secure registry. To view the repository- based ACLs, look at the secure repository definition file (by default, secured-test-repository.xml, described in the ATG Repository Guide) and locate the acl-property for a given item. The ACL for that item is stored in the table and column listed in the acl-property.