After you define the profile properties that make up organizations and roles, you can use the Business Control Center to create the organizations and roles required for your Web application. For instructions, refer to the ATG Business Control Center Administration and Development Guide.

Important: You can also use the ACC to create organizations and roles. Note however that the ACC that is installed with the ATG platform is set up by default to point to the external profile repository, so any organizations or roles you create through this application are available only to external user profiles. Note: If you do use the ACC to add or edit user directory items, it is highly recommended that you use the Organizations, Roles, and Users screens from the People and Organizations menu. If you perform the same tasks through the profile repository editor (People and Organizations > Profile Repository), the changes you make will not appear in other areas of the ACC unless you restart the server. For example, you could add a role to someone’s profile through the profile repository editor, but the ACC would not pick up the change until you restarted the server. The same behavior does not occur if you use the Organizations, Roles, or Users screens.