The actions described in this section allow you to send a targeted e-mail as part of a scenario. The first, EmailNotify, is designed for workflow situations in which you want to alert other users in the organization that a specific scenario event has occurred. The second, SendEmail, allows you to send e-mail messages to site visitors, for example as part of a targeted e-mail campaign. With both actions, you specify a JSP or JHTML page that serves as the template for the body of the message.

Both actions are site aware, allowing you to send e-mails or notifications with content that is specific to one or more Web sites supported by your system. To enable this behavior, the classes for these actions include an optional site property, which they set on the TemplateEmailInfo object. This object in turn passes the value to the TemplateEmailSender, which retrieves the site context, creates the message, and uses the site context to customize the template (for example by supplying the applicable Web site name in a “Thank you for registering at…” message). See the examples for each action. For more information about setting the site context, refer to the ATG Multisite Administration Guide.