The targeted e-mail system includes ATG Dynamo Server Admin features that you can use to examine or cancel mailings. In addition, you can use the Admin to view individual batches of a distributed mailing or resume a distributed mailing that you previously canceled.

  1. Start the ATG Dynamo Server Admin as described in the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. Click the Component Browser link and navigate to the /atg/userprofiling/email/TemplateEmailSender/ page.

The Mailings by Status display shows information similar to the following:

Mailing Type

# Local

# Distributed Mailings





Show/Remove Local/Remove Distributed




Show/Remove Local/Remove Distributed

In Progress



Show/Remove Local/Remove Distributed




Show/Remove Local/Remove Distributed




Show/Remove Local/Remove Distributed




Show/Remove Local/Remove Distributed

In all cases, the numbers are the instances of each mailing type that have occurred since the TemplateEmailSender component was started.


  • Mailings you send through scenarios are automatically batched by the Scenario Manager, and each batch appears as a separate mailing.

  • Only the mailings sent by this instance of the TemplateEmailSender appear in the list. In a multiple server environment, therefore, many more mailings may exist than are shown in this display.

Use the Show link to display a list of individual instances of a mailing type. Use the Remove link to delete all instances of that mailing type from the database.

After you click Show for a particular mailing type, you can choose to cancel or pause an individual mailing by clicking the Cancel link for that mailing. For distributed mailings, a Resume link then appears. You can use Resume to start the mailing from the point at which it was stopped (note that the mailing is not restarted from the beginning). When you select Resume, the batches are returned to the pool so that they can be reclaimed by the distributed mail servers (see Distributing a Mailing across Multiple Servers for more information).

Important: Be aware that it may take a few minutes for canceling a mailing to take effect. It is not recommended that you resume a mailing immediately after canceling it; this behavior can generate exceptions and cause deadlocks to occur. Wait until the cancellation is complete before resuming. (To check whether a cancellation is complete, look at the database and ensure that the Status entries for the mailing are set to 2.)

For distributed mailings, you can also view specific batches of the mailing by clicking View Batches after you use the Show link.

Use the Remove Local link to remove mailings from this sender.

Use the Remove Distributed link to remove distributed mailings from all senders in this cluster. Use this option with caution. As noted above, the display shows only the mailings that were generated by this instance of the TemplateEmailSender. If you click Remove Distributed, you remove all mailings from any instance that uses the same database as the sender on the server where you are viewing this list.