In some cases you may want to limit the frequency with which e-mails are sent to users. You can do so by setting the daysContactFatigue or hoursContactFatigue property in the TemplateEmailSender component. These properties specify an amount of time that must pass between mailings to any user. For example, if you set the daysContactFatigue property to 5, a user is excluded from a mailing if five days have not passed since a mailing was sent to him or her. The TemplateEmailSender uses the value of the lastEmailed property in the user profile to determine if the required amount of time has passed.

Note that the daysContactFatigue and hoursContactFatigue properties eliminate all e-mails. If you want to override the setting for an essential e-mail such as receipt or order confirmation, set the ignoreContactFatigue property in the TemplateEmailInfoImpl object to true for the given mailing.