In order to remove specific markers from an active user profile, create a scenario that uses the Remove markers from profile action and specify the key used by the markers you want to remove. You can provide additional information such as a value or data value: markers that have the values for the properties you provide will be removed from the active user profile. For example, remove all partner profile markers that have a value of travelSiteA:

For more information on the Remove markers from profile action, see the Using Action Elements in Scenarios section in the Creating Scenarios chapter of the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

You can also delete particular markers from a profile using the RemoveMarkersFromProfileDroplet:

   <dsp: param name="key" value="partner"/>
   <dsp: param name="value" value="travelSiteA"/>
   <dsp:param name="data" bean="RemoveMarkersFromProfileDroplet.ANY_VALUE"/>

   <dsp:oparam name="output">
      Book your flight with travel site B!


When you remove markers using the servlet bean, you choose the profile from which you want to remove markers. Although the default is the active user profile, it’s possible to specify a different one. Also, in addition to using the key, value, and data property values to identify the marker you want to remove, you can further define the marker by including other marker properties and their values.

For more information on the RemoveMarkersFromProfileDroplet servlet bean, see Appendix B: ATG Servlet Beans of the ATG Page Developer's Guide.