Once you have set up your content repository, you can create rules that match repository items with user profiles. The recommended way to create content targeting rules is to use the Targeting and Segmentation interface in the Business Control Center. For more information, refer to the ATG Business Control Center User's Guide. If your installation does not include the Business Control Center, you can use the Content Targeters window of the Content task area in the ACC. See the Matching Content with Your Target Audiences chapter in the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users.

You can also create targeting rules by hand. You can define the Personalization module’s targeting rules either as a property of a rule set service or in a separate rules file. A rules file is a text file with a .rules extension that you create to specify targeting rules in Personalization module applications. The Personalization module’s rule sets use SGML format with special tags to describe the rules. This chapter explains how to write rule sets. It includes the following sections: