The atg/registry/webappregistry/StaticWebAppRegistry component (class atg.service.webappregistry.StaticWebAppRegistry) configures the registry of deployed Web applications by reading a Map of display-name=context-root mappings or a list of Web application components from its properties file.

To use the display-name=context-root mappings to supply Web application information, simply set the contextRootMap property inside the atg/registry/webappregistry/StaticWebAppRegistry properties file. Example:

contextRootMap=\ Quincy Funds J2EE DAF Demo=QuincyFunds,
      \ MotorpriseJSP=Motorprise

You set the ContextRootMap value to the value of the <display-name> and <context-root> tags in the application’s web.xml file, usually located in the WEB-INF directory (for example, the web.xml file for Quincy Funds is located at <ATG10dir>\DSSJ2EEDemo\j2ee-apps\QuincyFunds\web-app\WEB-INF).

To use the list of Web application components to configure the registry, you create a separate component of class atg.service.webappregistry.WebApp for each application, and then you list the components in the preConfiguredWebApps property in the StaticWebAppRegistry properties file, as shown here:

      \ /atg/registry/webappregistry/MotorpriseWebApp

The following example shows the properties file for the /atg/registry/webappregistry/QuincyFundsWebApp component:


properties=\ display-name=QuincyFunds,\ appState=started,\
context-root=QuincyFunds,\ web-uri=web_app,\