As you can for any product in the ATG suite, you can grant or deny access to the features of the Scenarios module by displaying or hiding menu items in the main ACC window. You use the People and Organizations > Control Center Groups option to configure access to menu items. For more information, see the ATG Platform Programming Guide.

For those groups of users who do have access to the Scenarios module menu items, you can set a more granular layer of security by controlling access to scenario folders, individual scenarios, and scenario templates. For example, suppose your company sets up scenarios that deliver separate sets of promotions to customers in your East and West regions. You decide that you want business users to be able to edit scenarios for their own region only. You set up two scenarios folders called East and West and copy scenarios into their appropriate folder. Then you define access rights for each folder.

In addition, you can grant or deny access to individual repository items or to individual properties of a repository item. Note, however, that you cannot do this through the ACC; you must do it by defining access control lists (ACLs) manually as described in Secured Repositories in the ATG Repository Guide.

This chapter describes how to use the ACC to set up access control for scenario folders, scenarios, and scenario templates. It includes the following sections: