The Profile Marker Manager is a component that manages how markers interact with profiles. When your application adds a new marker, removes an existing one, or queries for information about the markers on a profile, the Profile Marker Manager coordinates these actions by identifying the marked item(profile), the property on that item that holds markers (markers), and the type of item that will act as a marker (marker).

When adding markers to a profile, the Profile Marker Manager applies the marker duplication and validation rules you configure it to use. These settings and others specified in the Profile Marker Manager are considered to be default values and are overridden when contrary values are provided in a scenario or servlet bean.

By default, one Profile Marker Manager called atg/markers/userprofiling/ProfileMarkerManager manages all activities relating to profile markers. You may choose to create additional Profile Marker Manager components each of which would be designed to use the particular validation and duplication rules necessary for a particular type of profile marker. Another reason for having multiple Profile Marker Managers is so markers can be saved to more than one profile property. Each Profile Marker Manager works with one particular profile property.

To configure the Profile Marker Manager, see the following sections: