If you are running workflows on multiple servers, you must set the cache-mode property to locked for the following workflow item descriptors on each server:

These repository item descriptors are contained in one of the custom repositories that you set up as part of creating a workflow type. To set the cache mode, add the following settings to the XML file that you use to define the repository that contains these items:

  <item-descriptor name="individualWorkflow" cache-mode="locked"/>
  <item-descriptor name="collectiveWorkflow" cache-mode="locked"/>
  <item-descriptor name="workflowInfo" cache-mode="locked"/>
  <item-descriptor name="workflowTemplateInfo" cache-mode="locked"/>
  <item-descriptor name="workflowMigrationInfo" cache-mode="locked"/>
  <item-descriptor name="individualWorkflowTransition" cache-mode="locked"/>
  <item-descriptor name="collectiveWorkflowTransition" cache-mode="locked"/>

In addition, in order for locked mode caching to work in a multiple server environment, you must configure Lock Manager components as described in the Enabling the Repository Cache Lock Managers section of the ATG Installation and Configuration Guide.