Specify the name of the repository that contains the items you want to show in a slot. (A slot can contain items from only one repository.)

The content source entry in the slot wizard corresponds to the RepositoryName property in the slot component’s .properties file.

In some previous versions of the Scenarios module it was necessary to specify a repository path rather than a name if your application used secure repositories. Specifically, if you specified a secure repository as the content source for the slot, but you stored the content in the corresponding insecure repository, you could not subsequently specify any content items for the slot when you added it to a scenario. Note that it is no longer necessary to specify a repository path in this situation; the Scenarios module can use the repositoryName property regardless of whether the slot content is stored in a secure repository or its underlying insecure version. In addition, any slot properties files from older versions that do include a repositoryPath property will work without modification.