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1 Overview to Accounts Payable

Part I Supplier Information

2 Overview to Supplier Information

3 Enter Suppliers

4 Locate Suppliers

Part II Voucher Processing

5 Overview to Voucher Processing

6 Understand Voucher Entry Controls

7 Understand G/L Date Warnings

8 Work with Standard Vouchers

9 One Time Payment Processing

10 Enter Other Types of Vouchers

11 Work with Model Journal Entries

12 Enter Speed Vouchers

13 Review and Approve Vouchers

14 Understand the Post Process for A/P

15 Post Vouchers

16 Revise Posted Vouchers

17 Print Voucher Journals

18 Accounts Payable Approvals Processing

Part III Other Voucher Entry Methods

19 Overview to Other Voucher Entry Methods

20 Work with Logged Vouchers

21 Work with Recurring Vouchers

22 Enter Prepaid Vouchers

23 Enter a Voucher for Multiple Companies

24 Enter Multiple Vouchers for Suppliers

Part IV Automatic Payment Processing

25 Overview to Automatic Payment Processing

26 Work with Supplier Withholding Taxes

27 Prepare Vouchers for Payment

28 Group Vouchers for Payment

29 Work with Payment Groups

30 Work with Automatic Payments

31 Update the A/P Ledger

32 Approve and Post Automatic Payments

33 Process Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

34 BACS and IAT Payment Processing

35 Void Automatic Payments

36 Positive Pay Bank File Creation for A/P Payments

Part V Manual Payment Processing

37 Overview to Manual Payment Processing

38 Work with Manual Payments

39 Approve and Post Manual Payments

40 Void Manual Payments

Part VI Payables and Receivables Netting

41 Overview to Payables and Receivables Netting

42 Net Payables and Receivables

43 Print Netting Reports

Part VII A/P Draft Processing

44 Overview to A/P Draft Processing

45 Select Paid Drafts

46 Post Outstanding A/P Drafts

Part VIII Supplier Ledger and Payment Information

47 Overview to Supplier Ledger and Payment Information

48 Review Supplier Ledger Information

49 Review Payment Information

Part IX A/P Reports

50 Overview to A/P Reports

51 Print A/P Standard Reports

52 Print A/P Analytical Reports

Part X Period-End Processing

53 Overview to Period-End Processing

54 Process A/P Integrity Reports

55 Print A/P "As Of" Reports

Part XI 1099 Preparation

56 Overview to 1099 Preparation

57 Review Address Book Information for 1099s

58 Choose a 1099 Method

59 Set Up AAIs for 1099s

Part XII System Setup

60 Overview to System Setup

61 Set Up Constants for A/P

62 Set Up Payee Control

63 Set Up Supplier Bank Account Information

64 Accounts Payable Approvals Setup

65 Set Up Payment Terms for A/P

66 Overview of AAIs

67 Understand AAIs for A/P

68 Work with AAIs

69 Understand User Defined Codes for A/P

70 Set Up User-Defined Codes

71 Set Up Category Codes for Vouchers

72 Set Up Next Numbers

Part XIII Automatic Payment Setup

73 Overview to Automatic Payment Setup

74 Set Up Bank Account Information for A/P

75 Set Up Print Sequence for Payments

76 Set Up Payment Instruments

77 Set Up Business Unit Information

78 Set Up Company Information

79 Set Up Bank Account Cross Reference

Part XIV A/P Tax Setup and Forecasting

80 Overview to A/P Tax Setup

81 Overview to A/P Cash Forecasting

82 Forecast A/P Cash Flow

Part XV Batch Voucher Processing

83 Overview to Batch Voucher Processing

84 Review Batch Vouchers

85 Work with Batch Vouchers

86 Process Batch Vouchers

87 Purge Processed Batch Vouchers

Part XVI Payee Control

88 Overview to Payee Control

89 Review and Approve Changes to Controlled Data

90 Print Changes to Controlled Data

91 Purge Approved Payee Control Records

Part XVII Technical Processes

92 Overview to Technical Processes

93 Work with YTD Voucher Amounts

94 Update A/P Records with Address Book Information

95 Purge A/P Records

96 Supplier Master Conversion

97 Global Update Supplier Company/Business Unit

Part XVIII Processing Options

98 Supplier Information Processing Options

99 Voucher Processing - Processing Options

100 Other Voucher Entry Methods Processing Options

101 Automatic Payment Processing - Processing Options

102 Manual Payment Processing - Processing Options

103 Payables and Receivables Netting Processing Options

104 A/P Draft Processing - Processing Options

105 Supplier Ledger and Payment Information Processing Options

106 A/P Reports Processing Options

107 Period-End Processing - Processing Options

108 1099 Preparation Processing Options

109 System Setup Processing Options

110 Automatic Payment Setup Processing Options

111 A/P Forecasting Processing Options

112 Batch Voucher Processing - Processing Options

113 Payee Control Processing Options

114 Technical Processes - Processing Options

A Quick Reference for A/P Codes

B Currency Codes and Decimals

C Batch Input Setup

D Structured Query Language (SQL)

E Functional Servers

F Procurement for Accounts Payable