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Oracle® MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2021

Shut Down, Reset, or Power Cycle the System


Caution  -  If the system is not properly shutdown, data corruption can occur.

  1. Notify affected users that the server will be shut down.
  2. Save any open files and quit all running programs.
  3. Log into one of the nodes as an MCMU administrator such as mcinstall.

    Do not assume the root role.

    See Log in to the MCMU CLI.

  4. Stop the DB grid infrastructure.

    Use this syntax:

    % mcmu stop -G -n VMgroupname

    where VMgroupname is the name of the DB VM group. To determine the name, see List a Summary of All DB VM Groups (CLI).

    For example:

    % mcmu stop -G -n dbgrp1
  5. Shut down all DB and App VMs.

    1. You can shut down VMs in the following ways:
      • Example of shutting down all VMs in a group:

        % mcmu stop -V -n VMgroupname
      • Example of shutting down an individual VM:

        % mcmu stop -Z -n VMname
    2. Verify that all the VM components are stopped on the compute nodes.


      % mcmu status -Z -a
  6. Stop the eshm/omc SMF service on node 1.

    The eshm/omc SMF service runs on the first node in the global zone. Stopping this service is required before you stop the kernel zones.

    1. Check to see if the service is running.

      If the service state is listed as disabled, you don't need to stop the eshm/omc service.

      % svcs eshm/omc
      STATE          STIME    FMRI
      online         May_02   svc:/application/management/eshm/omc:default
    2. Become superuser on the first node.
      % su -
    3. Stop the service.
      # svcadm disable eshm/omc
    4. Check the status until the service state is disabled.

      The service might take a few minutes to stop.

      # svcs eshm/omc
      STATE          STIME    FMRI
      disabled       10:01:29 svc:/application/management/eshm/omc:default
    5. Exit superuser.

      Type CTRL-D.

  7. Stop the GI in the kernel zones.

    Use this syntax:

    % mcmu stop -G -k nodex

    where x is 1 or 2.

    For example:

    % mcmu stop -G -k node1
    % mcmu stop -G -k node2
  8. Perform one of these actions:
    • Shutdown the entire system:
      % mcmu stop -S
    • Shutdown one node:
      % mcmu stop -N node_ID
  9. (For a full power down, perform the remaining steps) From a system with network access to MiniCluster, log into Oracle ILOM on a MiniCluster compute node as root using one of these methods:
    • Oracle ILOM web interface – In a browser, enter this address, and press Return:

      The Oracle ILOM Login screen is displayed. Log in using your Oracle ILOM root account and password.

    • Oracle ILOM CLI – In a terminal window, enter:
      % ssh root@ILOM_hostname_or_ipaddress
          root password: ********
    • Perform one of these actions:
      • Oracle ILOM web interface – Click Host Management → Power Control and select the desired operation. For example, select Reset.
      • Oracle ILOM CLI – Enter this command:
        -> stop /System
  10. Repeat the previous step to stop the other compute node.
  11. Verify the state of the system.

    See View System Information (BUI)