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Oracle® MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2021

Update the MCMU Component (CLI)

Use this procedure to update the MCMU software on a fully installed MiniCluster. This procedure only updates the MCMU software. To update other software components, see Update Other MiniCluster Software Components (CLI).and Update MiniCluster Software (BUI).

The system can be updated while DB and App VMs are running.


Caution  -  The MCMU component must be updated before you update any other component. (see Update the MCMU Component (CLI)).


Caution  -  For systems running MCMU v1.1.21 and earlier, you must update the MCMU software through the MCMU CLI as described in this procedure. Do not attempt to update MCMU through the BUI because the update might fail. If you experience this problem, follow the instructions in the MiniCluster Release Notes (Doc ID 2214746.1) available at http://support.oracle.com, under the heading Upgrading Fully Configured MiniCluster to

To review an overview of the update process, see Component Update Process Overview.

Note -  For the latest information about what updates are available, refer to the MiniCluster Release Notes document that is available in MOS Doc ID 2153282.1 at: http://support.oracle.com.
  1. Ensure that the correct bundles are downloaded on MiniCluster.

    These procedures must be performed prior to updating the MCMU software:

    1. Ensure that the Patch Bundle and Component Bundle are downloaded to MiniCluster.

      See Check for and Obtain the Latest Updates.

    2. Ensure that the Patch Bundle is unzipped and extracted in the /var/opt/oracle.minicluster/patch directory.

      See Extract the Patch Bundle.

      Note – You can install the Component Bundle before performing this procedure, or at the end of this procedure. For instructions, see Install the Component Bundle.

  2. Log into the MCMU CLI on compute node 1 as a primary admin, such as mcinstall.

    See Log in to the MCMU CLI.

  3. Display the current version of MCMU.
    % mcmu -V 
    Oracle MiniCluster Configuration Utility
                 MCMU v1.1.18
  4. Update the MCMU software component.

    Note that the patch_omctoolkit option cannot be combined with any other mcmu patch options.


    mcmu patch -p update_omctoolkit [path_to_omctoolkit.p5p]

    By default, this command expects to find the omctoolkit.p5p file in the /var/opt/oracle.minicluster/sfw directory.

    • If you ran the mcmu patch -p upload command (a command listed in View Software Component Versions (CLI)), perform this command:

      % mcmu patch -p update_omctoolkit
    • If you did not run the mcmu patch -p upload command, you must specify the path to the omctoolkit.p5p file.

      First, identify the patch-version_no directory name where the Patch Bundle was untarred.

      In this example, patch- is the directory name needed. Your directory name might be different.

      % cd /var/opt/oracle.minicluster/patch
      % ls
      README.txt              mc-              omc
      beadm.py                mc-              patch-
      mc-              mc-              patch.json
      mc-              mc_patch.py             scripts

      In this command line, replace patch-version_no with the directory name you identified.

      % mcmu patch -p update_omctoolkit /var/opt/oracle.minicluster/patch/patch-version_no/mcmu/omctoolkit.p5p

    Note -  When the MCMU component is updated, web services are restarted and you might need to refresh the browser cache (shift-reload) to use the MCMU BUI.
  5. Verify the updated version of MCMU.
    % mcmu -V 
    Oracle MiniCluster Configuration Utility
                 MCMU v1.1.21.4
  6. (Version dependent) Clear the Apache service.

    Only perform this step if you are updating a system that started at version 1.1.21 or lower.

    % su - root
    # svcadm clear apache22
    # exit
  7. (Version dependent) Set the Supervisor password.

    Only perform this step if you are updating a system that started at version 1.1.18 or lower.

    Log into the MCMU BUI as the supervisor. MCMU requires you to set the password for the supervisor. Until the supervisor password is set, you cannot login to the MCMU as an admin such as mcinstall. See Log in to the MCMU BUI.

  8. Install the Component Bundle.

    The Component Bundle contains important components that need to be updated when the MCMU component is updated.

    If you already installed the Component Bundle, skip this step.

    If not, perform this procedure now. See Install the Component Bundle.