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Oracle® MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2021

Update an App VM Group (CLI)

You can change parameters such as the number of cores assigned to each VM. You can also mount an NFS. For undeployed VM groups, you can change IP addresses and hostnames.

If you need to transmit binaries or other files that are larger than 130 MB, you can update the App VM group profile to increase the allowable file size. The maximum file size varies and is displayed at the appropriate prompt. You cannot decrease the allowable size after you have increased it. You will need to perform this change on both nodes.

For details about the information you provide when creating App VMs, see App VM Group Parameters.

  1. Log into the MCMU CLI as a primary admin, such as mcinstall.

    See Log in to the MCMU CLI.

  2. Update the parameters of an App VM group.
    % mcmu tenant -A -u 

    For example:

    % mcmu tenant -A -u
    Listing APP VM Group...
    Status : Active
    EditStatus :
    Description :
    deletable : True
    progress : False
    VMgroupName : ff18
    editable : True
    VMgroupID : 2
    Enter ID of the VM Group Profile that you want to edit[2] (2): 2
    Do you want to "[E]dit & Save the changes"?
    Enter Y/N (Y): Y
    Getting APP VM Group...
    APP Virtual Machine Group Profile Name : appg500
    Enter Description : 
    Security Profile: DISA-STIG
    Enter u01 size (in GB, 100 to max 2182) (165): 200
    Add External NFS
    Existing External NFS
    ID: 1    Mount: /test-mountpoint         Share: /my_directory        Server IP: xx.xxx.73.130
    Do you want to "[A]dd a Mountpoint, [D]elete a MountPoint, or [C]ontinue editing the VM Group Profile"?
    Enter A/D/C (A): C
    Virtual Machines Information
    Node 1 : mc5qt-n1
    Enter Cores [0 to max 28] (0):2
            public_hostname : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n1
            private_hostname : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n1-priv
            public_ip : xx.xxx.73.131
            private_ip :
    Node 2 : mc5qt-n2
    Enter Cores [0 to max 28] (0):2
            public_hostname : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n2
            private_hostname : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n2-priv
            public_ip : xx.xxx.73.132
            private_ip :
    Updating APP VM Group Profile...
    start to update profile
    status: 0
    message: Update APP VM Group Profile succeeded.
    Getting APP VM Group...
            VMGroupName : ff18
    VM 1
            name : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n1
            globalName : mc5qt-n1
                    public_ip : xx.xxx.73.133
                    public_hostname : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n1
    VM 2
            name : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n2
            globalName : mc5qt-n2
                    public_ip : xx.xxx.73.134
                    public_hostname : ff18-vm1-mc5qt-n2
    Please insert the IP-mappings in the DNS Server if not already done.