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Oracle® MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2021

User Accounts

MiniCluster includes the user accounts listed in this table.

The password is initially configured during the installation.
The installation process requires you to create mcinstall as the MCMU primary administrator and create a password. This account is intended to be the primary administrator for the MCMU.
This user account is used for these activities:
  • Performing the system initialization at installation time by running installmc.

  • Administering the system, including VMs using the MCMU BUI and mcmu CLI.

  • To assume the root role (su to root) on application VMs and in the global zone and kernel zones for superuser privileges.

MCMU Supervisor – Account name determined at installation time
The password is configured during the installation.
In the MiniCluster software, the supervisor user is only intended to approve or deny MCMU users as they are created and deleted.
This user receives email every time a new MCMU user is created. The new user must be approved by the supervisor and the primary admin (such as mcinstall) for the user account to be enabled.
(Optional) Tenant Admin – Account name determined at user registration time
Determined upon initial log in.
This user can perform all post-installation activities, including using OTP, only on VMs.
This user cannot access the global zone, and cannot run the MCMU BUI or CLI.
Set during the DB VM group profile configuration. See Password
Each DB VM has an individual oracle user account. This user account is used for these activities:
  • Used as the initial login account to database VMs, from which you can configure the database VMs with a database, data, and other accounts, as needed.

  • To assume the root role (su to root) on database VMs for superuser privileges.

Also see MCMU Password Policies.

All actions performed by all MCMU users are logged based on the user's identifier.

Note -  MCMU user accounts are not used for the routine use of the system, such as using the applications and databases. Those user accounts are managed through Oracle Solaris, the application, the database on the VMs, and through your site system administrators.