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Oracle® MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2021

Create a New MCMU User (BUI)

Use this procedure to create a new MCMU user.

  1. Access the MCMU BUI.

    See Log in to the MCMU BUI.

  2. Click Register.
    image:A screen shot showing the user registration page.
  3. Complete the MCMU registration page.

    Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

    • User name – Enter a unique user name for the new user.

    • Email – Enter the email address for the new user.

    • Title – (Optional) Enter the user's title.

    • Full Name – Enter the first and last name for the new user.

    • Organization – (Optional) Enter the user's organization.

    • Department – (Optional) Enter the new user's department.

    • Phone Number – Enter the new user's phone number. Do not include any special characters or spaces.

    • Address – (Optional) Enter the new user's address.

    • Type of User – See User Roles and select one of the following:

      • Primary admin

      • Secondary admin

      • Tenant admin

      • Auditor admin

      If you are creating a new user who will use OTP-based authentication, select Tenant Admin for the Type of User. OTP is available only to the Tenant Administrator role for App and DB VMs. If an existing user with the Tenant Administrator role will use OTP, you must delete the user account and create a new one. For more details, see Enable One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication (BUI).

      image:In the Type of User drop-down, select Tenant                                     Admin.
  4. Click Register.

    The account is created, but is not activated until the new user is approved by the primary admin and supervisor (accounts created during the initial installation). The MCMU sends the primary admin and supervisor an email that includes a secure key that is used to approve the user. See Approve or Reject a New User (BUI).

    After the primary admin and supervisor approve the account, the new user receives email with a link to the MCMU BUI. Upon the first login, the new user is forced to create a password according to the password policies. See MCMU Password Policies.