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Oracle® MiniCluster S7-2 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2021

Edit a DB VM Group Profile (BUI)

Use this procedure to edit DB VMs.

You can edit VMs even when they are online and in production. The utility only enables changes to VM parameters that are safe, based on the state of the VM.

For deployed DB groups, you can change the number of cores assigned to the VMs (increase or decrease) and add VMs to the group (to add a VM, see Add a DB VM to a Group (BUI)).

For non-deployed DB groups, you can make the same changes as deployed DB groups, plus change the VM names and IP addresses.

  1. Access the MCMU BUI as a primary admin, such as mcinstall.

    See Log in to the MCMU BUI.

  2. In the navigation panel, select the Database → Virtual Machine Group Profiles page.

    For example:

    image:A screen shot showing the DB VM group summary page.
  3. Click Edit.
    image:A screen shot showing database group profile edit page.
  4. Edit any of the parameters that are enabled for changes, such as the number of cores.

    If a VM is not deployed, you can change the IP addresses and hostnames.

    For a description of DB VM parameters, see DB VM Parameters.

  5. Perform one of these actions.
    • Save – Click Save to save the changes and provide a summary page. The change does not become active until you click Apply.

    • Cancel – Click Cancel to discard the changes and close the window.

  6. Click OK (or Apply for previous versions).
  7. If you changed the name or IP address of a VM, make the equivalent change in DNS.
  8. Redeploy the VM group.

    See Deploy the DB VM Group (BUI).

    MCMU only redeploys the changes.