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Oracle® Server X5-4 Service Manual

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Updated: December 2015

Getting Help

This sections describes how to get additional help to resolve server-related problems.

Contacting Support

If the troubleshooting procedures in this chapter fail to solve your problem, use the following table to collect information that you might need to communicate to support personnel.

System Configuration Information Needed
Your Information
Service contract number
System model
Operating environment
System serial number
Peripherals attached to the system
Email address and phone number for you and a secondary contact
Street address where the system is located
Superuser password
Summary of the problem and the work being done when the problem occurred
Other Useful Information
IP address
Server name (system host name)
Network or internet domain name
Proxy server configuration

See Also:

Locating the System Serial Number

You might need to have your system serial number when you ask for service on your system. Record this number for future use. Use one of the following methods to locate your server serial number:

  • On the front panel of the server, look at the bottom left of the bezel to locate the server serial number.

  • Locate the yellow Customer Information Sheet (CIS) attached to your server packaging. This sheet includes the serial number.

  • From Oracle ILOM:

    • From the Oracle ILOM command-line interface (CLI), type the command: show/SYS.

    • From the Oracle ILOM web interface, view the serial number in the System Information tab.

  • From Oracle System Assistant, view the serial number in the System Overview (home screen).