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Oracle® Server X5-4 Service Manual

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Updated: December 2015

Storage Drive Reference

This section shows the location and explains the functions of the storage drive status indicators.

image:An illustration showing the storage drive front panel.
OK to Remove indicator
Service Action Required indicator
OK/Activity indicator

The functions of the drive status indicators are described below.

For indicator blink rate information, see Indicator Blink Rates.

OK to Remove Indicator

image:Ok to remove icon

Blue indicator. Indicates that the storage drive can be removed safely during a hot-service operation.

Service Action Required Indicator

image:Service action icon

Amber indicator. Indicates that the storage drive is faulty. The front and back panel Service Action Required indicators are also lit if the system detects a storage drive fault.

OK/Activity Indicator

image:Graphic showing the OK/Activity icon

Green indicator. Indicates that the drive is properly inserted into the system. Indicator flashes when the drive is being accessed.

See Also: Servicing Storage Drives (CRU)