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Oracle® Server X5-4 Service Manual

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Updated: December 2015

Fan Module Reference

The six fan modules are located at the front of the chassis and provide cooling for the three motherboard cooling zones (for more information, see Cooling Subsystem). The fans are hot-serviceable and accessible by partially extending the server from the rack. You do not have to remove the server cover to service the fan modules.


Caution  -  Server shutdown or component damage due to over-temperature condition. Fan modules provide system cooling. If a fan module fails, replace it as soon as possible. When you remove one of the fans in the back row, you must replace it within 30 seconds to prevent overheating of the server.

Note -  If a failed fan is replaced too quickly, the fan indicator might still show a fault even after the new fan is installed. When replacing a faulty fan, wait for the fan indicator to turn off after removing the old fan and before installing the new fan. This will only take a few seconds.

The functions of the fan module status indicators is described below.

Front and Back Panel Indicators for Fan Failure

One or more of the following indicators might light when a fan module fault is detected:

  • Front and back Service Action Required indicators. See Server Front Panel Features and Server Back Panel Features for locations of system indicators.

  • Fan module Service Action Required indicator.

  • Over Temperature Warning indicator. This indicator might also light if a fan fault causes an unacceptable increase in system operating temperature.

Fan Module Indicator

Next to each fan module slot are indicators that are visible from the top of the server.

image:An illustration showing the location of the fan module Status indicators.

Power OK Indicator

image:Graphic showing the Power OK icon

Green indicator. The system is powered on and the fan module is functioning correctly.

Service Action Required Indicator

image:Graphic showing the Service Action Required icon

Amber indicator. The fan module is faulty.

The server front and back panel Service Action Required indicators are also lit if the system detects a fan module fault.