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man pages section 3: Extended Library Functions, Volume 1

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Updated: July 2017



rtld_audit, la_activity, la_amd64_pltenter, la_callentry, la_callinit, la_i86_pltenter, la_objclose, la_objfilter, la_objopen, la_objsearch, la_pltexit, la_pltexit64, la_preinit, la_sparcv8_pltenter, la_sparcv9_pltenter, la_symbind32, la_symbind64, la_version - runtime linker auditing functions


void la_activity(uintptr_t *cookie, uint_t flag);
uintptr_t la_amd64_pltenter(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook,
    La_amd64_regs *regs, uint_t *flags,
    const char *sym_name);
void la_callentry(uintptr_t *cookie);
void la_callinit(uintptr_t *cookie);
uintptr_t la_i86_pltenter(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook,
    La_i86_regs *regs, uint_t *flags);
uint_t la_objclose(uintptr_t *cookie);
int la_objfilter(uintptr_t *fltrcook, uintptr_t *fltecook,
    uint_t *flags);
uint_t la_objopen(Link_map *lmp, Lmid_t lmid,
    uintptr_t *cookie);
char *la_objsearch(const char *name, uintptr_t *cookie,
    uint_t flag);
uintptr_t la_pltexit(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook,uintptr_t *defcook,
uintptr_t la_pltexit64(Elf64_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook,
    uintptr_t retval, const char *sym_name);
void la_preinit(uintptr_t *cookie);
uintptr_t la_sparcv8_pltenter(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook,
    La_sparcv8_regs *regs, uint_t *flags);
uintptr_t la_sparcv9_pltenter(Elf64_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook,
    La_sparcv9_regs *regs, uint_t *flags,
    const char *sym_name);
uintptr_t la_symbind32(Elf32_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
    uintptr_t *refcook, uintptr_t *defcook,
    uint_t *flags);
uintptr_t la_symbind64(Elf64_Sym *sym, uint_t ndx,
     uintptr_t *refcook,uintptr_t *defcook, uint_t *flags,
     const char *sym_name);
uint_t la_version(uint_t version);


A runtime linker auditing library is a user-created shared object offering one or more of these interfaces. The runtime linker ld.so.1(1), calls these interfaces during process execution. See Runtime Linker Auditing Interface in Oracle Solaris 11.3 Linkers and Libraries Guide for a full description of the link auditing mechanism.

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