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Updated: July 2017

apache24 (1m)


apache24 - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 overview




System Administration Commands                                    apache24(1M)

       apache2 - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 overview


       Apache  HTTP  Server  Version 2.4 (Apache 2) consists of a main  server
       daemon, loadable server modules,  some additional   support  utilities,
       configuration files, and documentation.

       Note  Apache  2.4  is 64-bit only and Apache 2.2 modules are not binary
       compatible with 2.4.

       Several Apache 2 modules are bundled in  separate  packages  to  reduce
       number of dependencies of main package. These are:


       Apache  2  can be enabled by authorized user within the service manage-
       ment facility (SMF), using  the  following  fault  management  resource
       identifier (FMRI):


       Available SMF properties are listed in the following table:

       |           SMF Property Name^Value            |                             |
       |httpd/MPM^event (default), prefork or worker  |                             |
       |httpd/startup_options^valid apachectl options |                             |
       The following files specify the installation locations for Apache 2:

       Note :

           o      The  string  [version]  should be expanded to "MAJOR.MINOR".
                  For example, /usr/apache2/2.4/*.

           o      To find the current version of Apache 2  installed  on  your
                  machine, type the following command:

                    $ /usr/apache2/[version]/bin/apachectl -v


           Contains  server configuration files. A newly-installed server con-
           tains a default httpd.conf file. This  is  the  main  configuration

           If  there is need to use different main configuration file (e.g. to
           run multiple Apache 2 instances), it's possible by providing Apache
           '-f' option via SMF property httpd/startup_options.


           Contains additional server configuration files.

           By  default, server will load all the .conf files placed under this


           File for specifying the environment settings which the server  uses
           at   startup.   This   is   the   user-editable   version   of  the
           /usr/apache2/[version]/bin/envvars file.

           Note that this is default path to envvars file only in  case  where
           main configuration file is in directory /etc/apache2/[version]/. If
           this is not the case Apache 2 will look for  envvars  file  in  the
           same directory where is main configuration file.


           Magic data for mod_mime_magic Apache module as documented in the
           /usr/apache2/2.2/manual/mod/mod_mime_magic.html file.
           Editing this file is not recommended.


           Default  MIME  types  file. This file sets the default list of map-
           pings from filename extensions to content types, changing this file
           is not recommended. Use the AddType directive instead.


           Contents  under  this directory are delivered as-is from the apache
           distribution and these files are  not  meant  to  be  read  by  the


           Contains  sample  .conf  files.  These are not included in the main
           configuration file. To use the sample file, copy the file to conf.d
           directory and modify as per the need.


           Contains  the  main  httpd executable as well as other utility pro-


           Contains the default environment settings that the server  uses  at
           Editing this file is not recommended.
           Instead, user should use /etc/apache2/[version]/envvars file.


           Contains the Apache 2 manual in HTML format.


           Contains  the  Apache 2 header files, which are needed for building
           various optional server extensions with apxs(8).


           Contains loadable modules (DSOs) supplied with the server.


           Contains man pages for the server, utility programs, and mod_perl.

           Add this directory to your MANPATH to read the Apache 2 man  pages.
           See Notes.


           Default location for the CGI scripts.

           This  can be changed by altering the httpd.conf file and restarting
           the server.


           Default document root.

           This can be changed by altering the httpd.conf file and  restarting
           the server.


           Icons used by the server.

           This should not be changed.


           Place holder for user Apache 2 modules.

           Any  modules  which  are  added  using apxs(8) are copied into this


           Contains server log files.

           The formats, names, and locations of the files  in  this  directory
           can   be   altered  by  various  configuration  directives  in  the
           httpd.conf file.


           Directory used to cache pages if  the caching feature of  mod_proxy
           is enabled in the httpd.conf file.

           The location of the cache can also be changed by changing the proxy
           configuration in the httpd.conf file.


           Contains pkg(5) version based mediated symbolic links to the  vari-
           ous Apache 2 utility programs.

       Example 1 To switch to worker MPM type

         # svccfg -s apache24 setprop httpd/MPM=worker
         # svcadm refresh apache24
         # svcadm restart apache24

       Example 2 Create new SMF apache instance

       This   expects   that   valid   configuration   exists   in   /var/mya-
       pache/httpd.conf and it has altered  all  relevant  directives  against
       default  apache  instance (e.g. PidFile, Listen, DocumentRoot, ErrorLog
       and CustomLog).

         # cp /lib/svc/manifest/network/http-apache24.xml my-apache24.xml

         Edit my-apache24.xml and rename instance name to my-apache24.

         # svccfg import my-apache24.xml
         # svccfg -s my-apache24 setprop 'httpd/startup_options=("-f" "/var/myapache/httpd.conf")'
         # svcadm refresh my-apache24

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | web/server/apache-24 |
       |Stability      | Uncommitted          |
       attributes(5), httpd(8), apachectl(8)


       In addition to the documentation and man pages included  with  Solaris,
       more information is available at http://httpd.apache.org/.

       The  Apache  2  man pages are provided with the programming modules. To
       view the manual pages for the Apache 2 modules with  the  man  command,
       add  /usr/apache2/[version]/man  to  the  MANPATH environment variable.
       See man(1) for more information. Running catman(1M)  on  the  Apache  2
       manual pages is not supported.

       This     software     was    built    from    source    available    at
       https://java.net/projects/solaris-userland.   The  original   community
       source          was         downloaded         from          http://ar-

       Further information about this software can be found on the open source
       community website at http://httpd.apache.org/.

SunOS 5.11                         Feb 2015                       apache24(1M)