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man pages section 1M: System Administration Commands

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Updated: July 2017

wnnaccess (1M)


wnnaccess - Server settings and data access


/usr/sbin/wnnaccess  [-D 
jserver_name | jserver_name:
No | jserver_name/No
 [-L LANG_name] [-|
 + [hostname |  username
]] [-v]


wnnaccess adds/deletes hosts or users, access the current data, and turns ON/OFF access control in access permission data for the server.


The following options can be used:

–D jserver_name | jserver_name:No | jserver_name /No

The connected convert-server specifies the jserver_name as the working host_name and No as the port. :No is a relative port number, which is added to jserver standard port number (22273). For example, 22274 will be used when No is set to 1. /No is an absolute port number, which is used as the final port number. The default port number is the standard port number of localhost (22273).

–L LANG_name

Connect to the special convert-server whose language is specified by the LANG_name. If LANG_name is omitted, the value of the LANG environmental variable will be used as the default one.


Specifies the version information.

If arguments other than the ones mentioned above are not used, wnnaccess will display current access control data. The display format will show the current ON/OFF status of access control on the first line and then list the host and users with access rights on the following lines using the following format:


All users can be accessed from this host.


No user can be accessed from this host.

host–name:user–name,user–name, . . .

Only the specified users can be accessed from this host.


This user can be accessed from any host.

If arguments other than "-D","-L", or "-v" are not used, but the "-" option is used, access control will be turned ON. If only the "+" option is used, access control will be turned OFF. Connection to servers is not restricted when access control is OFF.

If the "+" option and the host–name or user–name is specified, the specified host–name or user–name will be added to the access control. If the "-" option and the host–name or user–name is specified, the specified host_name or user–name will be removed from the access control. The format for host–name and user–name is the same as that displayed when reading current access control data. If neither the "-" nor the "+" option is specified, the default operation will be the same as if the "+" option was specified.


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

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