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Updated: July 2014

accessx (1)


accessx - a graphical interface to the accessx keyboard enhancements.


/usr/bin/accessx [ -o ] [ -i ] [ -a ]


User Commands                                          accessx(1)

     accessx  -  a  graphical  interface  to the accessx keyboard

     /usr/bin/accessx [ -o ] [ -i ] [ -a ]

     The keyboard enhancements and corresponding graphical inter-
     face  are  available  on  any X server with the "AccessX" or
     "XKEYBOARD" extensions.

     accessx is a graphical user interface to available  enhance-
     ments.   These  enhancements provide the keyboard with addi-
     tional capabilities which  are  primarily  designed  to  aid
     users  with disabilities who are unable to use a keyboard or
     mouse in the usual fashion.

     -o   Each user may load and save personal  default  settings
          for  the  various  keyboard  enhancement  features.  By
          default, the accessx utility will read  in  the  user's
          default settings and configure the system to those set-
          tings. However, in certain  instances  the  user  might
          wish  to  use  the  systems current settings instead of
          his/her own default settings. Specifying the -o  option
          will  instruct  the  accessx utility to ignore a user's
          default settings and use the systems  current  settings

     -i   When  this option is specified, the accessx user inter-
          face initially appears in an iconified state.

     -a   Users may pop up dialog boxes indicating the  state  of
          Sticky  Keys  and  Mouse  Keys via the main menu of the
          accessx utility's graphical interface. Some users, how-
          ever,  want  these  status dialog windows to appear and
          disappear automatically whenever they turn on  and  off
          Sticky  Keys  or  Mouse Keys.  Specifying the -a option
          instructs the accessx utility to automatically  pop  up
          and  down the Sticky Keys status window whenever Sticky
          Keys is turned on or off, respectively, and to automat-
          ically  pop  up  and  down the Mouse Keys status window
          whenever Mouse Keys is turned on or off,  respectively.

     The HOME environment variable is used to identify the direc-
     tory in which to load and save a  user's  default  settings.
     The  settings  are  stored  in X resource file format in the
     file $HOME/.AccessX. The user may modify or add resources to
     this  file  directly,  however  all comments will be deleted

SunOS 5.11         Last change: 29 August 2011                  1

User Commands                                          accessx(1)

     when the user performs a save settings action.

         accessx.uid - Motif GUI description file
         AccessX     - Application Resource File


         Earl Johnson
         Jordan M. Slott
         Enabling Technologies
         Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Inc
         Mountain View, CA

         Mark Novak
         Trace Research & Development Center
         University of Wisconsin-Madison
         Madison, WI

         Will Walker
         Digital Equipment Corportation
         Maynard, MA

     See  attributes(5)  for  descriptions   of   the   following

     |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE         |      ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
     |Availability                 |x11/keyboard/accessx         |
     |Interface Stability          |Committed                    |

SunOS 5.11         Last change: 29 August 2011                  2