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Updated: July 2014

Xnest (1)


Xnest - a nested X server


Please see following description for synopsis


User Commands                                            Xnest(1)

     Xnest - a nested X server

     The Xnest(1) X server is no longer included in this release.

     The Xephyr(1) and Xvnc(1) servers provide similar  function-
     ality  of  acting  as an X server to other clients, and dis-
     playing their output in a window on another X server.

     Xephyr acts as a simple  X  client  which  is  displayed  on
     another  X  server, while Xvnc provides a X server which can
     be connected to from a Remote Frame  Buffer  (RFB)  protocol
     client  such  as  vncviewer(1),  allowing for the session to
     continue between connections and for  connections  to  occur
     from multiple viewing computers.  Both Xephyr and Xvnc offer
     more support for modern desktop  environments  and  newer  X
     extensions  than  the older Xnest server did, and avoid sev-
     eral limitations of  the  Xnest  server  that  were  due  to
     Xnest's  reliance  on  passing  most requests through to the
     underlying server.

     See  attributes(5)  for  descriptions   of   the   following

     |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE         |      ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
     |Availability                 |None                         |
     |Interface Stability          |Obsolete                     |

     Xephyr(1), Xvnc(1), vncviewer(1), X11(5).

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