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Updated: July 2014

xorgconfig (1)


xorgconfig - generate an xorg.conf file


Please see following description for synopsis


User Commands                                       xorgconfig(1)

     xorgconfig, xorgcfg - generate an xorg.conf file

     The  xorgcfg(1)  and  xorgconfig(1) utilities for generating
     xorg.conf(4) files are no longer included in this release.

     The Xorg(1) server does not require a configuration file  in
     many  cases,  and  will  autoconfigure  itself if one is not
     present.  If the default configuration does  not  meet  your
     needs,  you may use one of these alternative methods to gen-
     erate an xorg.conf file for customization:

      *   When Xorg is started without a configuration file,  the
          xorg.conf  data it generates automatically is logged in
          /var/log/Xorg.0.log and may be copied to  an  xorg.conf
          file for customization.

      *   /usr/bin/Xorg   -configure,  when  the  server  is  not
          already running, will provide  a  sample  configuration
          file for the currently detected hardware in the system.

      *   Users of Nvidia graphics devices may use  the  provided
          nvidia-settings(1)  and  nvidia-xconfig(1) utilities to
          generate or update device-specific configurations.

      *   Users of Sun graphics devices for  the  SPARC  platform
          may  use  the fbconfig(1) utility to generate or update
          device-specific configurations.

     Input device settings formerly found in  xorg.conf  have  in
     most  cases  been  replaced  by settings made via the hal(5)
     configuration framework in fdi(4) configuration files.

          Default system configuration for input devices

     See  attributes(5)  for  descriptions   of   the   following

     |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE         |      ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
     |Availability                 |None                         |
     |Interface Stability          |Obsolete                     |

     Xorg(1),  xorg.conf(4),  hal(5), fdi(4), nvidia-settings(1),

SunOS 5.11           Last change: 2 May 2014                    1

User Commands                                       xorgconfig(1)

     nvidia-xconfig(1), fbconfig(1).

SunOS 5.11           Last change: 2 May 2014                    2