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Updated: July 2014

cmap_alloc (1)


cmap_alloc - default visuals


/usr/bin/cmap_alloc [ -display display:n.screen ] [ -force ]
[  -allscreens ] [ -depth n ] [ -visual class ] [ -verbose ]
[ -help ]


User Commands                                       cmap_alloc(1)

     cmap_alloc  -  allocate  default  colormaps  for non-default

     /usr/bin/cmap_alloc [ -display display:n.screen ] [ -force ]
     [  -allscreens ] [ -depth n ] [ -visual class ] [ -verbose ]
     [ -help ]

     cmap_alloc creates empty colormaps for  non-default  dynamic
     visuals  that are suitable for use as default colormaps.  An
     X11 server has only one default colormap, and it is  associ-
     ated  with  the default visual.  Clients that need to access
     non-default visuals have  to  create  their  own  colormaps.
     This  can  lead  to gratuitous colormap flashing if a lot of
     applications are running in non-default visuals.  cmap_alloc
     will  create colormaps that can be used by such applications
     as the default colormap for the given visual.  Once the col-
     ormap has been created for a given visual, it will place the
     colormap's XID into the RGB_DEFAULT_MAP property on the root
     window  of  the  display.   Clients that need to access non-
     default dynamic visuals should search  this  property  using
     XGetRGBColormaps(3x11) for a suitable colormap to use.

     -display display:n.screen
               Indicates which X11 server to use.  The default is
               to use the value set in  the  DISPLAY  environment

     -force    Create  a  colormap even if a suitable colormap is
               already listed in the RGB_DEFAULT_MAP property.

               Create default colormaps for all  screens  of  the
               display.  Without this option, colormaps will only
               be created for the default screen.

     -depth n  Create default colormaps only  for  those  visuals
               that  have depth n.  The default is to create col-
               ormaps for visuals of all depths

     -visual class
               Create default colormaps only  for  those  visuals
               that  are  of  class class.  Where class is one of
               the following: GrayScale, PsuedoColor, DirectColor

     -verbose  Print  out  diagnostic  messages useful for debug-

     -help     Print out a short usage message and exit.

SunOS 5.11           Last change: 2 May 2014                    1

User Commands                                       cmap_alloc(1)

     XGetRGBColormaps(3x11), xstdcmap(1), cmap_compact(1)

     can't open display ...
                         Error in connecting to the  X11  server.
                         Check DISPLAY environment variable.

     unknown depth       Invalid  depth  specified for the -depth
                         command line option

     unknown visual class
                         Invalid visual class specified  for  the
                         -visual command line option

     See   attributes(5)   for   descriptions  of  the  following

     |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE         |      ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
     |Availability                 |x11/colormap-utilities       |
     |Interface Stability          |Committed                    |

SunOS 5.11           Last change: 2 May 2014                    2