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Updated: July 2014

perl5115delta (1)


perl5115delta - what is new for perl v5.11.5


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Perl Programmers Reference Guide                 PERL5115DELTA(1)

     perl5115delta - what is new for perl v5.11.5

     This document describes differences between the 5.11.4
     release and the 5.11.5 release.

     If you are upgrading from an earlier release such as 5.11.3,
     first read perl5114delta, which describes differences
     between 5.11.3 and 5.11.4.

Core Enhancements
  32-bit limit on substr arguments removed
     The 32-bit limit on "substr" arguments has now been removed.
     The full range of the system's signed and unsigned integers
     is now available for the "pos" and "len" arguments.

Modules and Pragmata
  Pragmata Changes
         Upgraded from version 0.81 to 0.82.

         The "is_lax" and "is_strict" functions can now be
         optionally exported to the caller's namespace and are
         also now documented.

         Undefined version objects are now uninitialized with
         zero rather than "undef".

  Updated Modules
         Upgraded from version 1.11 to 1.12.

         Upgraded from version 1.94_53 to 1.94_56.

         This resolves RT #72362, in which CPAN was ignoring
         "configure_requires", and RT #72348, in which the
         command "o conf init" in the CPAN shell could cause an
         exception to be thrown.

         This module is also now built in a less specialized way,
         which resolves a problem that caused "make" after "make
         clean" to fail, fixing RT #72218.

         Upgraded from version 0.44 to 0.46.

         This makes the prereq resolving fall back to _build/
         querying if the "prereq_data" action fails.


perl v5.12.5         Last change: 2012-11-03                    1

Perl Programmers Reference Guide                 PERL5115DELTA(1)

         Upgraded from version 3.15_01 to 3.15_02.

         Upgraded from version 1.01 to 1.02.

         Upgraded from version 2.21 to 2.22.

         This resolves RT #72700, in which an exception thrown
         from a closure was getting lost.

         Upgraded from version 1.85 to 1.86.

         This makes the new Socket implementation of "inet_pton"
         consistent with the existing Socket6 implementation of
         "inet_pton", fixing RT #72884.

         Upgraded from version 2.2.2 to 2.3.1.

Changes to Existing Documentation
     The syntax "unless (EXPR) BLOCK else BLOCK" is now
     documented as valid, as is the syntax "unless (EXPR) BLOCK
     elsif (EXPR) BLOCK ... else BLOCK", although actually using
     the latter may not be the best idea for the readability of
     your source code.

Installation and Configuration Improvements
  Configuration improvements
     Support for SystemTap's "dtrace" compatibility layer has
     been added and an issue with linking "miniperl" has been
     fixed in the process.

     "less -R" is now used instead of "less" for "groff"'s new
     usage of ANSI escape codes by setting $Config{less} (and
     thereby $Config{pager}, which fixes RT #72156.

     USE_PERL_ATOF is now reported in the compile-time options
     listed by the "-V" switch.

Selected Bug Fixes
     o   Arbitrary whitespace is now allowed between "NAME" and
         "VERSION" in "package NAME VERSION;" statements. (Fixes
         RT #72432)

     o   A panic caused by trying to load "charnames" when the
         parser is already in error (e.g. by a missing "my" under
         "use strict;") is now averted. This was a regression
         since Perl 5.10.0. (Fixes RT #72590)

     o   Reading $! no longer causes a SEGV for out of range

perl v5.12.5         Last change: 2012-11-03                    2

Perl Programmers Reference Guide                 PERL5115DELTA(1)

         "errno" values. (Fixes RT #72850)

     o   A possible SEGV in "/\N{...}/" has been fixed. This was
         a regression since Perl 5.10.

     o   A possible SEGV when freeing a scalar that was upgraded
         to an "SVt_REGEXP" type from a simple(r) scalar has been

     o   A type conversion bug in "gmtime64" that caused it to
         break around "2**48" has been fixed.

     o   Interpolating a regex that makes use of the "charnames"
         pragma will no longer cause a run-time error. (Fixes RT

     o   Array references assigned to *Foo::ISA now have the
         necessary magic added to them to catch any further
         updates to the new @ISA. (Fixes RT #72866)

     o   Filehandles are now always blessed into "IO::File",
         which, together with some suitable manipulation of
         @IO::File::ISA, fixes a breakage introduced in Perl
         5.11.3 by a change that always blessed filehandles into
         "IO::Handle" rather than checking for "FileHandle"

     o   A change in the behaviour of "warnings::enabled" and
         "warnings::warnif" in Perl 5.10.0 that wasn't documented
         at the time is now documented in perl5100delta. (Fixes
         RT #62522)

     o   RT #71504 is now fixed by simply skipping the tests that
         failed on OpenBSD with ithreads and perlio.

New or Changed Diagnostics
     o   The fatal error "Malformed UTF-8 returned by \N" is now
         produced if the "charnames" handler returns malformed

     o   If an unresolved named character or sequence was
         encountered when compiling a regex pattern then the
         fatal error "\\N{NAME} must be resolved by the lexer" is
         now produced. This can happen, for example, when using a
         single-quotish context like "$re = '\N{SPACE}'; $re;".
         See perldiag for more examples of how the lexer can get

     o   The fatal error "Invalid hexadecimal number in
         \\N{U+...}" will be produced if the character constant
         represented by "..." is not a valid hexadecimal number.

perl v5.12.5         Last change: 2012-11-03                    3

Perl Programmers Reference Guide                 PERL5115DELTA(1)

     o   The new meaning of "\N" as "[^\n]" is not valid in a
         bracketed character class, just like "." in a character
         class loses its special meaning, and will cause the
         fatal error "\\N in a character class must be a named
         character: \\N{...}".

     o   The rules on what is legal for the "..." in "\N{...}"
         have been tightened up so that unless the "..." begins
         with an alphabetic character and continues with a
         combination of alphanumerics, dashes, spaces,
         parentheses or colons then the warning "Deprecated
         character(s) in \\N{...} starting at '%s'" is now

     o   The warning "Using just the first characters returned by
         \N{}" will be issued if the "charnames" handler returns
         a sequence of characters which exceeds the limit of the
         number of characters that can be used. The message will
         indicate which characters were used and which were

     o   Currently, all but the first of the several characters
         that the "charnames" handler may return are discarded
         when used in a regular expression pattern bracketed
         character class. If this happens then the warning "Using
         just the first character returned by \N{} in character
         class" will be issued.

     o   The warning "Missing right brace on \\N{} or unescaped
         left brace after \\N.  Assuming the latter" will be
         issued if Perl encounters a "\N{" but doesn't find a
         matching "}". In this case Perl doesn't know if it was
         mistakenly omitted, or if "match non-newline" followed
         by "match a "{"" was desired.  It assumes the latter
         because that is actually a valid interpretation as
         written, unlike the other case.  If you meant the
         former, you need to add the matching right brace.  If
         you did mean the latter, you can silence this warning by
         writing instead "\N\{".

     o   "gmtime" and "localtime" called with numbers smaller
         than they can reliably handle will now issue the
         warnings "gmtime(%.0f) too small" and "localtime(%.0f)
         too small".

New Tests
         Tests some suitably portable filetest operators to check
         that they work as expected, particularly in the light of
         some internal changes made in how filehandles are

perl v5.12.5         Last change: 2012-11-03                    4

Perl Programmers Reference Guide                 PERL5115DELTA(1)

         Tests that times greater than "2**63", which can now be
         handed to "gmtime" and "localtime", do not cause an
         internal overflow or an excessively long loop.

Known Problems
     Perl 5.11.5 is a development release leading up to Perl
     5.12.0.  Some notable known problems found in 5.11.5 are
     listed as dependencies of RT #69710, the Perl 5 version 12

     Perl 5.11.5 represents approximately one month of
     development since Perl 5.11.4 and contains 9618 lines of
     changes across 151 files from 33 authors and committers:

     var Arnfjoer` Bjarmason, Abigail, brian d foy, Chris
     Williams, David Golden, David Mitchell, Eric Brine, Frank
     Wiegand, Gisle Aas, H.Merijn Brand, Jan Dubois, Jesse
     Vincent, Jim Cromie, John Peacock, Josh ben Jore, Karl
     Williamson, Marcus Holland-Moritz, Michael G Schwern,
     Nicholas Clark, Offer Kaye, Philippe Bruhat (BooK), Rafael
     Garcia-Suarez, Reini Urban, Ricardo Signes, Robin Barker,
     Slaven Rezic, Steffen Mueller, Steve Hay, Steve Peters, Tim
     Bunce, Todd Rinaldo, Tony Cook and Vincent Pit.

     Many of the changes included in this version originated in
     the CPAN modules included in Perl's core. We're grateful to
     the entire CPAN community for helping Perl to flourish.

Reporting Bugs
     If you find what you think is a bug, you might check the
     articles recently posted to the comp.lang.perl.misc
     newsgroup and the perl bug database at .  There may also be information
     at , the Perl Home Page.

     If you believe you have an unreported bug, please run the
     perlbug program included with your release.  Be sure to trim
     your bug down to a tiny but sufficient test case.  Your bug
     report, along with the output of "perl -V", will be sent off
     to to be analyzed by the Perl porting team.

     If the bug you are reporting has security implications,
     which make it inappropriate to send to a publicly archived
     mailing list, then please send it to This points to a closed
     subscription unarchived mailing list, which includes all the
     core committers, who be able to help assess the impact of
     issues, figure out a resolution, and help co-ordinate the
     release of patches to mitigate or fix the problem across all
     platforms on which Perl is supported. Please only use this

perl v5.12.5         Last change: 2012-11-03                    5

Perl Programmers Reference Guide                 PERL5115DELTA(1)

     address for security issues in the Perl core, not for
     modules independently distributed on CPAN.

     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following

     |Availability   | runtime/perl-512 |
     |Stability      | Uncommitted      |
     The Changes file for an explanation of how to view
     exhaustive details on what changed.

     The INSTALL file for how to build Perl.

     The README file for general stuff.

     The Artistic and Copying files for copyright information.

     This software was built from source available at  The original
     community source was downloaded from

     Further information about this software can be found on the
     open source community website at

perl v5.12.5         Last change: 2012-11-03                    6