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Updated: July 2014

cmap_compact (1)


cmap_compact - ormap flashing.


/usr/bin/cmap_compact [ op ] [ -display dpyname ]


User Commands                                     cmap_compact(1)

     cmap_compact - colormap configuration utility to reduce col-
     ormap flashing.

     /usr/bin/cmap_compact [ op ] [ -display dpyname ]

     cmap_compact is a utility which allows certain colors to  be
     designated  as special and to be promoted to the high end of
     the default colormap (toward pixel 255).  This reduces  col-
     ormap flashing in many situations.

     This  technique  has  no effect for monochrome or full color
     screens; it applies only to PseudoColor screens.

     -display dpyname
          Indicates the X11 display to use.  ':0' is the default.

     op can be one of the following operations:

     save Records  the  RGB  color values of all shareable (read-
          only) colors in the default colormap  for  each  active
          screen  and saves these values on the file ~/.owcolors.

     The black and white pixels (typically at pixels 254 and 255)
     are ignored during the save.

     Note  that all colors are ignored for screens with a Static-
     Color default  colormap.   Note  also  that  the  server  is
     grabbed during the save.

     init Reads  the  colors which have been saved in ~/.owcolors
          and allocates them as read-only colors at the  high-end
          of  the  default  colormap.   The color allocations for
          those applications  which  use  these  colors  will  be
          derived  from  these  high  colors.   If  there  is  no
          ~/.owcolors file, nothing happens  and  no  message  is
          printed out.

     The  colors  are  allocated in reverse order of the order in
     which they were saved.  Thus, the lowest pixel in  the  col-
     ormap  at save time becomes the highest pixel at initializa-
     tion time.

     This operation is typically invoked from ~/.xinitrc prior to
     starting the color applications.

     This  operation  creates on the root window of each screen a
     property named XA_COMPACTED_COLORS_COUNT of type XA_INTEGER.
     The   value   of  this  property  specifies  the  number  of

SunOS 5.11         Last change: 15 October 2010                 1

User Commands                                     cmap_compact(1)

     initialized colors for that screen.  Note: this  value  also
     includes the black and white pixels.

     An X11 close down mode of RetainPermanent is set so that the
     colors  this  program  allocates  will  stay  around   after
     cmap_compact  exits.   These  colors may be freed by calling
     cmap_compact dealloc .  Before this  program  allocates  its
     colors,  it frees any colors left over from a previous invo-

     If there are more saved colors than can fit in  the  default
     colormap,  as  many  colors  as will fit are allocated and a
     warning message is printed out.   This situation, for  exam-
     ple,  might  occur  if  the the default visual were switched
     from an 8-bit to a 4-bit  visual  without  discarding  saved

     Note:  no  allocations  occur for screens with a StaticColor
     default colormap.
     Note: The server is grabbed during the initialization.

          This operation removes the file ~/.owcolors.

          This operation frees colors  allocated  by  a  previous
          invocation of cmap_compact init.

     show This  operation  prints out the RGB values of the saved
          colors for each screen.

          The file which is generated by cmap_compact save.  Con-
          tains  a  list of saved, read-only workspace colors for
          all screens.

     xstdcmap(1), cmap_alloc(1).

     Currently does not support using the same  ~/.owcolors  file
     for different machine architectures.

     See   attributes(5)   for   descriptions  of  the  following

SunOS 5.11         Last change: 15 October 2010                 2

User Commands                                     cmap_compact(1)

     |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE         |      ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
     |Availability                 |x11/colormap-utilities       |
     |Interface Stability          |Committed                    |

SunOS 5.11         Last change: 15 October 2010                 3