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man pages section 8: System Administration Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, February 9, 2022



memory-reserve - service to manage memory reservation pools




memory-reserve is an SMF service to configure and manage Memory Reservation Pools (MRPs) for Kernel Zones. A memory-reserve service instance can be configured with the desired properties of the MRP. The creation, destruction, and modification of the MRP can then be managed by enabling, disabling, and refreshing the service.

SMF Configuration


The following properties can be set:


Size of the reservation to make. A scale (K, M, G, T) can be applied to the value.


Allowed values are 'smallest-only,' 'largest-available' and 'largest-only'.


Type of Memory Reservation Pool.


Locality group (LGRP) id(s) to use if desired. The default is to use the root LGRP, spreading the reservation across available LGRPs. See lgrpinfo(1).

Service Instances

One instance of svc:/system/memory-reserve is defined by default:


Disabled by default, this service instance is configured for direct use by Kernel Zones with a pre-set config/type property of 'solaris-kz'. Additional configuration by an administrator, at minimum setting the config/size property, is required before this instance can be enabled.

The config/pagesize-policy and config/size properties provide kernel zones with the abilities that are provided to other zone types by the zonecfg(8) capped-memory:pagesize-policy and config/size properties.

For a worked example, see the solaris-kz(7) page.

See Also

lgrpinfo(1), smf(7), solaris-kz(7), mrpstat(8), svcadm(8), svccfg(8), zonecfg(8)