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man pages section 8: System Administration Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

xdmshell (8)


xdmshell - shell for starting xdm on login




XDMSHELL(8)                 System Manager's Manual                XDMSHELL(8)

       xdmshell - shell for starting xdm on login


       Xdmshell  can be used on systems that are configured to start a console
       in text mode by default, to allow users to start the X display  manager
       by logging in as a special user with the shell set to the xdmshell pro-

       Many servers set the keyboard to do non-blocking I/O under the  assump-
       tion  that  they are the only programs attempting to read from the key-
       board.  Unfortunately, some versions of getty(8) will immediately see a
       continuous  stream of zero-length reads which they interpret as end-of-
       file indicators.  Eventually, init(8) will disable logins on that  line
       until somebody types the following as root:

       On  some platforms, one alternative is to disable logins on the console
       and always run xdm(8) from /etc/inittab.

       Another approach is to set up an account whose shell  is  the  xdmshell
       program  found  in the xdm distribution.  This program is not installed
       by default so that site administrators will examine it  to  see  if  it
       meets  their  needs.   The xdmshell utility makes sure that it is being
       run from the appropriate type of terminal, starts xdm, waits for it  to
       finish, and then resets the console if necessary.  If the xdm resources
       file (specified by the DisplayManager*resources entry in the xdm-config
       file)  contains  a  binding  to the abort-display action similar to the
              xlogin*login.translations:  #override   Ctrl<Key>R:   abort-dis-
       the  console  can  then by restored by pressing the indicated key (Con-
       trol-R in the above example) in the xdm login window.

       The xdmshell program is usually installed setuid to root but executable
       only  by  members  of  a special group, of which the only member is the
       account which has xdmshell as its shell:
              %  grep xdm /etc/passwd
              x::101:51:Account for starting up X:/tmp:/usr/sbin/xdmshell
              %  grep 51 /etc/group
              %  ls -lg /usr/sbin/xdmshell
              -rws--x---   1 root     xdmgrp     20338 Nov  1 01:32 /usr/sbin/xdmshell

       If the xdm resources have not been configured to have a  key  bound  to
       the  abort-display()  action, there will be no way for general users to
       login to the console  directly.   Whether  or  not  this  is  desirable
       depends on the particular site.

       See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability   | system/display-manager/xdm |
       |Stability      | Volatile                   |

       X(7), xdm(8), xinit(1)

       Source  code  for open source software components in Oracle Solaris can
       be found at https://www.oracle.com/downloads/opensource/solaris-source-

       This     software     was    built    from    source    available    at
       https://github.com/oracle/solaris-userland.   The  original   community
       source   was   downloaded   from    https://www.x.org/releases/individ-

       Further information about this software can be found on the open source
       community website at https://www.x.org.

X Version 11                      xdm 1.1.12                       XDMSHELL(8)