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man pages section 8: System Administration Commands

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Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022



netadm - administer External Network Modifiers (ENMs)


netadm enable enm-name
netadm disable enm-name
netadm list [ -x ] [ enm-name ]
netadm show-events
netadm help


The netadm utility is used to administer External Network Modifiers (ENMs) and interact with the NWAM daemon.

There can be zero or more active ENMs at any given time. Thus enabling or disabling one ENM has no effect on other active ENMs.

Enabling and disabling of ENMs is performed asynchronously. Thus, the request to enable or disable can succeed, while the action itself fails. A failure of this sort will be reflected in the ENM state; maintenance state indicates that the last action taken failed. Note that enabling or disabling an ENM can be time-consuming depending on how long its script takes to complete. Completion can be verified by checking the ENM state with the netadm list subcommand.

Sub Commands

The following subcommands are supported:

enable enm-name

Enable the specified ENM.

disable enm-name

Disable the specified ENM.

list [ –x ] [ enm-name ]

List all available ENMs and their current state. If a particular ENM is specified by name, list only the current state of that ENM.

The –x option causes the list subcommand to display a third column of output, headed AUXILIARY STATE, after the first two column headings in the default display, ENM and STATE. The AUXILIARY STATE column shows why an ENM is in a given state.

Possible STATE values are:


A manually-activated ENM that has not been activated.


A conditionally-activated ENM that has not been activated. It might not be active because its conditions have not been satisfied.


A conditionally-activated ENM whose conditions have been met and that has been successfully activated; or a manually-activated ENM that has been successfully activated at the request of the user.


Activation of the ENM was attempted, but failed.


The ENM represents a valid configuration for which no action has yet been taken.


The ENM represents a configuration not present in the system.


Listen for stream of events from the NWAM daemon and display them. Along with events for ENMs, events for links and interfaces are also displaced. These events occur when links are added or when interfaces and addresses are configured.


Display a usage message with short descriptions for each subcommand.


Example 1 Enabling an ENM

The following command enables an ENM.

# netadm enable myenm1
Enabling enm 'myenm1'.
Example 2 Listing All ENMs

The following command lists all ENMs.

# netadm list -x
ENM            STATE          AUXILIARY STATE
myenm1         enabled        active
myenm2         disabled       disabled by administrator
myenm3         offline        conditions for activation are unmet
Example 3 Monitoring nwamd

The following command monitors nwamd(8) when an ENM myenm1 is enabled followed by enabling the interface net0 with ipadm(8) command.

# netadm show-events
OBJECT_ACTION   enm myenm1 -> action enable
OBJECT_STATE    enm myenm1 -> state offline*, method/service executing
OBJECT_STATE    enm myenm1 -> state online, active
IF_STATE        net0 -> state flags 1004843 addr
OBJECT_STATE    interface net0 -> state online, active
IF_STATE        net0 -> state flags 2080841 addr


See attributes(7) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability

See Also

attributes(7), netcfg(8), netcfgd(8), nwamd(8)