8.1 Summary

The Summary view provides a listing of all jobs that have been triggered within Oracle VM Manager, whether those jobs were triggered within the UI, from the CLI, the Web Services API or internally by Oracle VM Manager itself. Jobs can be displayed for all users, or just for the administrator.

The Jobs calendar enables you to display the jobs for a particular date. Select a date in the Jobs calendar and the jobs for that date are displayed in the Jobs table.

This subtab includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 8.2 Summary Subtab Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Export to Excel

Export to Excel icon

Use this option to save a list of the jobs to a spreadsheet file.


Details... icon

Displays the View Job Properties dialog box. Use this option to view details about the job.

Debug Transcript...

Debug Transcript... icon

Displays a Message dialog box. Use this option to view a complete log for all of the actions and events surrounding the run status of the job.

Abort Job

Abort Job icon

Displays the Abort Job dialog box. Use this option to abort a job.