3.6.1 Servers Perspective

The Servers perspective lists the different servers that belong to either a server pool or the Unassigned Servers folder, depending on the item selected in the navigation pane. The following columns are displayed in the management pane:

  • Name: The name that has been configured for the server.

  • Status: The running status of the server.

  • Tag(s): Any tags that have been applied to the server.

  • Maintenance Mode: Whether or not the server is configured to be in maintenance mode.

  • IP Address: The IP address that is used by Oracle VM Manager to access the server on the management network channel.

  • Memory (GiB): The available memory, in GiB, on the server.

  • Processors: The number of processors that the server contains.

  • Speed (GHz): The speed that the processors for the server are configured to run at.

  • Product: The physical host brand and type reported by the server bios.

  • Owned: Whether or not the server is owned by the current Oracle VM Manager instance.

  • Update Required: Whether or not a server update is available for the server from its server update repository.

This perspective includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 3.21 Servers Perspective Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Create Virtual Machine...

Create Virtual Machine... icon

Displays the Create Virtual Machine wizard. Use this option to create a virtual machine in the selected server pool.


Edit... icon

Displays the Edit Server dialog box. Use this option to edit the name and description for an Oracle VM Server. This is also used to put the Oracle VM Server into maintenance mode, take ownership of it, and to configure remote management of the Oracle VM Server using IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface).

Note that placing an Oracle VM Server in maintenance mode is indicated in the navigation pane with this icon: Oracle VM Server Maintenance mode icon


Delete icon
Displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box. Use this option to delete the selected Oracle VM Server.


Start icon

Starts a stopped Oracle VM Server.


Stop icon
Stops a running Oracle VM Server.


Restart icon
Restarts a running Oracle VM Server.


Kill icon

Powers off an Oracle VM Server. This is the equivalent of physically pushing the Off button on the hardware.

Rediscover Server

Rediscover Server icon

Rediscovers the Oracle VM Server. Use this to refresh information about the Oracle VM Server.

Rescan Physical Disks

Rescan Physical Disks icon
Rescans the local storage on an Oracle VM Server. Use this option to rescan the storage presented to an Oracle VM Server when the storage configuration is changed, for example, a new storage array is added.

Update Server

Update Server icon

Updates or upgrades the Oracle VM Server if an update is available in the server update repository.

Send VM Messages...

Send VM Messages... icon

Send one or more virtual machines a message. Use this option to send messages to virtual machines that have the Oracle VM Guest Additions installed.