Chapter 4 Repositories Tab

Use the Repositories tab to create and configure storage repositories and their content; assemblies, virtual machine templates, ISO files (CDROMs), virtual disks and to display virtual machine configuration files.

Figure 4.1, “Repositories tab” shows the Repositories tab.

The Repositories tab contains the Perspectives set out in Table 4.1, “Repositories Tab Perspective”. The Perspectives available in any particular view vary depending on the item selected in the navigation tree. This table provides a quick reference for all of the available perspectives in the Repositories tab. Each perspective provides a different view of your configuration and also includes its own toolbar.

Table 4.1 Repositories Tab Perspective

Management Pane Perspective


Repositories Perspective

Displays information about the storage repositories, and the resources in each repository. Use this tab to view, create, edit, present/unpresent, refresh and delete storage repositories.

You can also use this tab to create and manage the contents of storage repositories; assemblies, ISO files, template files, virtual disks and virtual machine configuration files. To view the contents of each storage repository, select it in the navigation tree, and then select Repositories in the Perspective drop-down list.

See Understanding Repositories in the Oracle VM Concepts Guide for more information on managing storage repositories.


Displays a high-level view of the selected object. The Info pane contents change to reflect information about the object selected in the navigation tree. You can use this pane to view information about repositories in your environment.

Select Info in the Perspective drop-down list to display the Info pane.


Events are displayed for each object in the navigation tree and displays events related to that object. Select Events in the Perspective drop-down list to display the Events pane.