Refresh All

If there are either changes to the physical state of an Oracle VM Server or its attached storage, you should discover it again to update the configuration information in Oracle VM Manager. In order to cut load time within Oracle VM Manager, Oracle VM Server rediscovery is not performed at start-up, therefore there may be cases where you want to update the configuration information for all Oracle VM Server instances within the Oracle VM Manager. Note that in larger deployments this may be a resource consuming action.


The Refresh All function does not pick up the contents of file systems that have never been refreshed before. Furthermore, it does not refresh repositories that are not already presented on at least one server. It is important to keep this in mind if you have restored a configuration from a backup, since some items may not have been refreshed before at the time that the backup was created.

To rediscover all Oracle VM Servers, file servers and SAN servers:

  1. On the Servers and VMs tab click on the Server Pools folder in the navigation pane.

  2. Select the Server Pools perspective from the drop-down selector.

  3. Click Refresh All Refresh All icon in the perspective toolbar.

The configuration information about all Oracle VM Server instances is updated in Oracle VM Manager.