Edit Anti-Affinity Group

To edit an anti-affinity group:

  1. In the Servers and VMs tab, select the server pool to which the anti-affinity group belongs in the navigation pane.

  2. From the Perspective field in the management pane, select Anti-Affinity Group from the drop-down list. Select the anti-affinity group in the Anti-Affinity Group table and click Edit Anti-Affinity Group... Edit Anti-Affinity Group icon in the perspective toolbar.

  3. The Edit Anti-Affinity Group dialog box is displayed. Edit the anti-affinity group as required. To edit the virtual machines in the anti-affinity group, click the Virtual Machines tab. For more information on the tabs in this wizard, see Section, “Create Anti-Affinity Group”.

    Click OK.

The anti-affinity group is edited and displayed in the Anti-Affinity Group table in the management pane.