5.2.4 Edit VLAN Interfaces

To Edit A VLAN Interface

  1. On the Networking tab, click the VLAN Interfaces subtab link.

  2. Use the navigation pane to locate filter the list of VLAN interfaces displayed in the management pane.

  3. Select the VLAN interface that you wish to edit from the interfaces listed in the management pane.

  4. Click the Edit VLAN Interface icon Edit VLAN Interface icon in the toolbar.

  5. The Edit VLAN Interface(s) dialog is displayed.

  6. For each VLAN interface listed, you are able to edit the MTU setting, the IP Address assignment settings and the description. The Addressing field provides a drop-down selector that allows you to choose either None, Static or Dynamic to specify how IP Addressing should be configured on this interface. If you select Static here, the IP Address and Mask fields become available to edit, otherwise they remain uneditable.

  7. Click OK when you have finished editing VLAN interfaces to save the changes, or click Cancel to exit.