7.2.1 Create New Server Update Repository

To create a new server update repository:

  1. Click the Tools and Resources tab.

  2. Click the Server Update Groups subtab.

  3. In the navigation tree, select GlobalSparcServerUpdateConfiguration to create a repository for SPARC-based Oracle VM Servers, or GlobalX86ServerUpdateConfiguration for x86-based Oracle VM Servers.

  4. Click Create New Server Update Repository Create New Server Update Repository to display the Create Server Update Repository dialog box. Enter the following information about the repository:

    • Name: A name for the repository as stored in Oracle VM Manager.

    • Repository Name: The repository name as used by a server to distinguish between different upgrade repositories. This may only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores. No spaces are permitted. For SPARC environments, the repository name must match a valid publisher at the URL where the repository is hosted.

    • URL: The URL to access the repository, for example:


      The URL should contain the RPMs and the repodata directory created by the createrepo tool. If you are copying the RPMs from the Oracle VM Server ISO media, or loop mounting the ISO file, make sure to include the Server directory (which includes the repodata directory), for example:


    • Enable: Whether to enable the repository.

    • Package Signature Type: The signature type to verify the validity of the repository, either GPG key, CA (Certificate Authority). Use NONE if there is no verification required.

    • Package Signature Key: The verification signature for the repository, for example, the location of the GPG key:


      The GPG key must be available via one of HTTP, FTP, FILE or HTTPS protocols.

      The GPG key for Oracle-signed updates from ULN is pre-installed on Oracle VM Server at /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-oracle. If you want to use this GPG key, enter:


      The value for this field is required if you select a Package Signature Type other than NONE.

    • Description: An optional description for the repository.

    Click OK.

The repository is added and ready to use to update Oracle VM Servers for the server update group. Note that if repository creation fails for a particular server, then an event is generated on the affected server. Oracle VM Manager does not attempt to validate the repository before it is added to each server. If the repository is invalid or, in the case of a SPARC repository, the repository name does not match a valid publisher at the URL specified, an error event is generated for the servers affected.

The repository is checked regularly for updates by the Server Upgrade Checker Task recurring job, though there may be a delay between the repository being created and the update notification being displayed in Oracle VM Manager. To change the frequency of the Server Upgrade Checker Task recurring job, see Section 8.2, “Recurring”.