Edit SAN Server

It is possible to edit the configuration for an existing SAN server. The steps and options to do so are described below.

To edit the registered SAN server configuration:

  1. Select the SAN Servers folder in the navigation tree, select the SAN Servers option in the Perspective drop-down list, select the SAN server that you wish to edit in the table.

  2. Click on the Edit SAN server icon Edit SAN server icon in the toolbar.

  3. A dialog opens to allow you to reconfigure the SAN server. The dialog has three separate tabs:

    • Configuration: A tab containing a form allowing you to edit the following information:

      • Name: The name of the SAN server in Oracle VM Manager.

      • Description: Optional information you would like to add about this SAN server.

      • Storage Plugin: The Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-in used to access the SAN Server.

      • Storage Name: The storage name used by an Oracle VM Storage Connect plug-in that requires it.

      • Admin Host: The host name or IP address where administrative access to the SAN server is allowed with appropriate credentials. (Only available for non-generic SAN servers).

      • Admin User Name: A user name with administrator access to the file server. (Only available for non-generic SAN servers).

      • Change Password: To modify the admin password, you must select the Change Password check box.

      • Admin Password: The administrator password for the user name you entered. (Only available for non-generic SAN servers).

    • Access: A tab allowing you to manage the IP addresses, port numbers and user credentials to use for each access host that is available for the SAN server. This tab is not available for Fibre Channel SAN servers.

    • Admin Servers: A tab allowing you to manage which servers are delegated as Admin servers. Admin servers are Oracle VM Servers that are capable of logging into a storage array or file server to perform administrative functions such as extending a file system or creating a new LUN.

  4. When you have finished editing the SAN server, click OK to save the changes, or Cancel to exit out of the dialog without saving any changes.