1.14 Tags

Oracle VM Manager provides the ability to create tags which can be used to identify and group together objects. This functionality makes it easier to quickly limit views of objects and to perform batch operations against objects sharing a common tag. Tags are managed within the Tags subtab on the Tools and Resources tab within the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface. Management of tags is discussed in more detail in Section 7.1, “Tags”.

Once tags have been created within Oracle VM Manager it is possible to assign them to various components or objects. This can be done by either editing existing objects and adding tags within the dialog that appears, or during the creation of a new object. For instance, to add a tag to an existing Oracle VM Server you should locate the Oracle VM Server on the Servers and VMs tab and select the option to edit the Oracle VM Server. In the dialog that appears, click on the Tags tab and assign the tags that you wish to use to identify the Oracle VM Server in future.

Tags can be reused across objects of different types. For instance, the same tag used to identify a particular set of Oracle VM Servers can also be used to group a set of virtual machines together. To see all objects that share the same tag, you can click on the Find Components icon on the Tags subtab on the Tools and Resources tab.

The Find Components feature supports multi-select functionality, allowing you to search for components that are tagged by a number of separate tag names. Furthermore, the Find Components dialog allows you to filter results by object type, by selecting a particular object type from the Show Types drop-down selector.

Many screens within the Oracle VM Manager Web Interface provide the option to use a Tag Filter. This feature takes the form of a drop-down box listing the available tags that can be used to form a filter. Selecting a tag limits the view in the current screen to objects sharing the same tag. On a screen that also provides the Name Filter option, it is possible to switch between the filter types by selecting the appropriate filter type from the drop-down menu.

When a view is limited using the Tag Filter function, batch operations can be performed on all items listed by using shortcut keys such as Ctrl + a to select all items before selecting the operation that you wish to execute.