3.5.4 Ethernet Ports Perspective

The Ethernet Ports perspective lists the different Ethernet ports or physical NICs configured on a server. The following columns are displayed in the management pane:

  • Port: The port device name detected on the server.

  • Status: The interface status (whether the port is up or down).

  • Interface Name: The name of the interface as detected on the server.

  • MAC Address: The MAC address for the network port.

  • MTU: The MTU size set for the port.

  • Addressing:

    • Type: How the interface is configured to obtain an IP address (for example, DHCP).

    • IP Address: The current IP address configured on the interface.

    • Netmask: The netmask for the network that is configured on the interface.

  • Bond Name: The name of the network bond that this interface is attached to (if any).

  • Network: The name of the network that this interface belongs to (if any):

This perspective includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 3.14 Ethernet Ports Perspective Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Edit Selected Port...

Edit Selected Port... icon

Displays the Edit Port dialog box. Use this option to edit the configuration of an Ethernet port on a server.