3.5.5 Bond Ports Perspective

The Bond Ports perspective lists the different network bonds configured for the ports on a server. The following columns are displayed in the management pane:

  • Port: The bond port device name detected on the server.

  • Status: The bond interface status (whether the bond port is up or down).

  • Interface Name: The name of the bond interface as detected on the server.

  • MAC Address: The MAC address for the network bond port.

  • MTU: The MTU size set for the bond port.

  • Addressing:

    • Type: How the interface is configured to obtain an IP address (for example, DHCP).

    • IP Address: The current IP address configured on the interface.

    • Netmask: The netmask for the network that is configured on the interface.

  • Networking:

    • Network: The name of the network that this bond port belongs to (if any).

    • Bond Name: The name of the bond in the bond port.

This perspective includes a toolbar that consists of the following options:

Table 3.15 Bond Ports Perspective Toolbar Icon Options

Toolbar Icon Option



Create Bond Port...

Create Bond Port... icon

Displays the Create Bond Port wizard. Use this option to create a new bond port consisting of a number of physical Ethernet ports on a server.

Edit Selected Port...

Edit Selected Port... icon

Displays the Edit Bond Port dialog box. Use this option to change the configuration of the selected bond port on a server.

Delete Selected Port

Delete Selected Port icon
Displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box. Use this option to delete the selected bond port on a server.