Stop Server

When you stop an Oracle VM Server, it is stopped using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), or a system power off command. Before you can stop an Oracle VM Server, you must stop any running virtual machines, or place the Oracle VM Server into maintenance mode to automatically migrate the running virtual machines.


Make sure that the IPMI is properly configured on the Oracle VM Server, otherwise it cannot be started again remotely. See Section, “Edit Server” for IPMI configuration. Alternatively, make sure that you activate the Wake-on-LAN (WOL) feature in the Oracle VM Server BIOS and that you have tested that it is properly working. If an Oracle VM Server cannot start through IPMI or WOL, it must be power-cycled manually.

To stop Oracle VM Servers:

  1. Stop or migrate any running virtual machines. To stop the virtual machines see Section, “Stop Virtual Machines”. To automatically migrate the virtual machines to other Oracle VM Servers in the server pool, place the Oracle VM Servers into maintenance mode , see Section, “Edit Server” .

  2. Click the Servers and VMs tab.

  3. Select the server pool in which the Oracle VM Server resides in the navigation tree.

  4. Select Servers from the Perspective drop-down list. Select one or more Oracle VM Servers in the management pane, and click Stop Server Stop Server icon in the perspective toolbar.

The Oracle VM Servers are powered off.