Create VM Template

To create a virtual machine template from an assembly:

  1. Click the Repositories tab. Select the repository in which the assembly file is located. Select Assemblies in the navigation tree.

  2. Select Create VM Template... Create VM Template... icon in the toolbar in the management pane.

  3. The Create VM Template dialog box is displayed. Select or edit the following:

    • Assembly Virtual Machines: The virtual machine in the assembly from which to create a template.

    • VM Template Name: A name for the template.

    • Description: An optional text description of the template.

    Click OK to create the template. The template is created in the same repository as the original assembly is located. When you have created a template from the assembly, you can use the template to create and deploy virtual machines.

    See Section 3.1.3, “Create Virtual Machine” for information on using a template to create virtual machines.